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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Way back Wednesday

Today i'll be talking about... Salt Man

Salt Man was discovered in the Chehrabad salt mines (Iran) in 1993. They found a body with long hair and a beard (see below).

Taken by me 

They also found a foreleg inside a leather boot (see below).

Taken by me

Tons of artifacts were also found, including iron knives, a silver needle a grindstone and some pottery etc. He has been dated to around 1700 years ago and has a B+ blood group. It has also been determined that he had rank or influence. Nobody knows what happened to him, but its thought that a hard blow was delivered to his head.

He is now in The National Museum of Iran in Tehran.

Hope you enjoyed my Way back Wednesday!


  1. This is too awesome! I love love love the head. I kind of wish I had one in my house. Not my bedroom but house. I know creepy.

    But that is seriously awesome!!

    Black Disaster Fairy

    Oh, Love the Buddha! I'm a fan of Buddha!