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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Theater Box found / Fossil bed found in California

Theater box found at Herod's palace

A private box that is located in a 400-seat theater located at King Herod's winter palace in the Judean desert has been found.The room is very extravagant and elaborate paintings and plaster are on the walls.


Fossil bed found in California
Source: Richard Wheeler (not anything to do with the discovery in California)

In California, on a substation building site, 1500 bone fragments (1.4 millions years old) have been found. Included in this find is sabre-toothed tiger remains and tons of other animal remains. Also tons of plant matter.
In fact, the number of skeletons found at the site could indicate that a marsh or a lake bed could have existed, trapping animals looking for water, leaving them vulnerable to predators. A paleontologist said that the find wasn't directly comparable to Le Brea, as it consisted of different species from another era. However, he did say it would definitely be valuable. (Source)

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