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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An Introductory Workshop in Archaeology Weekend 1

So this weekend was the first weekend of An Introductory Workshop in Archaeology held by HeritageworX that I attended.

Here is some fun things we did: 

* Discussed Archaeology in popular media
* Discussed the Archaeological record
* Discussed the Archaeology and the law
* Discussed the Locating of archaeological sites
* Discussed Maps, aerial photographs and satellite images + Surveying and mapping

And much much more!!

* Then we did some mock excavations:

Our group's mock excavation box

One group member sorting

My group labeling some bags

Our group picture

You can find HeritageworX Facebook page HERE. They are definitely worth checking out! A great company that is making a difference in the Archeological community in South Africa. They do all types of courses right around South Africa!

Stay tuned for my second post on weekend two!

* All photographs courtesy of HeritageworX

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