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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Spectacular Ancient Greek artefacts unveiled!

Medusa Gold, from the tomb of Philip II

In the Macedonian city of Aegea, archaeologist found tombs with hidden treasures. These tomb’s secrets lay untouched and concealed from the world till the 1970s when Professor Manolis Andronikos discovered them.

It then came to light that they were the tombs of members of Alexander the Great’s direct family. But what was also extraordinary was that the tomb of King Philip II was also amongst them.

Did you know?

* King Philip II was king from 359 BC until 336 BC when he was assassinated by Pausanias of Orestis, one of his bodyguards. But don’t fret he didn’t get off scot free. He was found by Phillip II’s other bodyguards and they killed him. 
* He was also the father of Alexander the Great and Philip III.

Now as you can see this is a very important archaeological site. That is why the Ashmolean Museum is exhibiting over 500 spectacular archaeological objects, some that have never been seen before.

Some items include: 

* A golden head of Medusa (By the way if anyone finds a picture of this, please share with me)
* Armor
* Golden wreaths

Truly remarkable finds, I wish I could go to the Museum and see these items for myself!

Heracles to Alexander: Ashmolean Museum unveils spectacular collection of Ancient Greek artefacts

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