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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ancient Unicorn Sculpture

A Unicorn sculpture from Nagabrahmasthana at Kalya near Nitte in Karkala taluk (India) has been found. It is said to very rare. Although it has been damaged it is still gorgeous. You can view it here:

This article inspired me to go and look at more depictions of Unicorns in History. During my search this is what I found:

The Council House, Bristol

Unicorn mosaic on a 1213 church floor in Ravenna

Wild Women with Unicorn, c. 1500–1510

Medal of Cecilia Gonzaga by Pisanello, 1447

The Unicorn Is Penned, Unicorn Tapestries, c. 1495–1505

Maiden with Unicorn, tapestry, 15th century

The gentle and pensive maiden has the power to tame the unicorn, fresco, probably by Domenico Zampieri, c. 1602

 St Justina with the Unicorn c. 1530

I hope everyone enjoyed these amazing depictions! Makes you wish you had a Unicorn right?

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  1. And the symbolism of unicorns? Did you come across that as well in your cyber travels? Does the unicorn have the same meaning in the East as in the West?

  2. Nope didn't read anything about that. I feel another Unicorn themed post coming tho!