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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fossil pterosaur found with egg


In China (Liaoning) a Pterosaur egg and mother has been found. This helps scientists to determine the creature's gender for the first time. The Scientists can see it was a female very close to laying a egg when she died. So far scientist have had the theory that males have adornment on their skulls, but this sheds even more light on the gender question.

"The most important thing about this particular individual is that she has a relatively large pelvis compared to other individuals of the same pterosaur, Darwinopterus," explained Dr Unwin.

"This seems quite reasonable - females lay eggs, they probably need a slightly wider pelvis. And then the really exciting thing is that she has a skull which lacks any kind of adornment or decoration whatsoever. When we look at other individuals of Darwinopterus, we find quite a few individuals with a large crest on the skull.”

"We're very confident now that we're dealing with two genders here - males with big crests and small hips, and females with no crest on the skull and large hips”. 

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