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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ancient kiln found in southern Iran


Iranian archeologists have found the remains of an ancient kiln in the country's southern Fars Province, which they say dates back to some 4,700 years ago. 
“The third phase of archeological excavations at Mianroud Mound yielded part of the 1.30-meter-tall fireplace of the circular kiln,” IRIB quoted head of the archeology team Mousa Zare as saying. (Source)
“The kiln is about 90 centimeters thick and its upper section where the clay pots were put has been destroyed,” he added. (Source)


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  1. Thanks for the good news, but Archeologists found some klins in Passargadae area, north of Shiraz province, from 7000 years ago, and it's really amazing.