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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Way back Wednesday

Today i will be looking at The Tower known as the "Ka'bah of Zoroaster"

This magnification structure is called "Ka'ba-ye Zardosht" because popular imagination wrongly interpreted it as a fire temple. This tower was built during the Achaemenid period.

It can be found opposite the rock-cut tomb attributed to Darius II.

The structure has a square base and stands on a three-stepped platform. Its lower half is solid and the upper is formed as a chamber (5 meters high) provided with one door in the north wall reached by a 30-stepped staircase the upper section of which has been destroyed the roof is made up of four huge blocks, and various rectangular niches formed of black stone set into the whitish walls give the structure the appearance of a three-story tower with many "blind windows."

Hope you enjoyed my Way Back Wednesday!

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  1. It's a mysterious biulding.
    There are alot of methods of this building.