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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Road lined with Sphinxes found / Ancient people more promiscuous?

Sphinx road found in Egypt

A sphinx-lined road (consisting of 12 sphinxes) has been found by Egyptian archaeologists in Luxor. It is said to have led to the temple of Mut.

Most of the sphinxes don't have their heads, and the name Nectabo 1 is inscribed on them. Most of them date back to 362 BC.

"This discovery marks the first time that archaeology has revealed this route, which is mentioned in many ancient texts," the statement said.

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Were Neanderthals More Promiscuous Than Modern Humans?

A study at the universities of Liverpool and Oxford using fossil finger bones suggest that Neanderthals were more promiscuous than humans today.
The team found that the fossil finger ratios of Neanderthals, and early members of the human species, were lower than most living humans, which suggests that they had been exposed to high levels of prenatal androgens. This indicates that early humans were likely to be more competitive and promiscuous than people today. (Source)
To find out more you will have to read the article, as it gets a bit technical!


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