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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bison Skull found / Pompeii could collapse

Ice Age bison skull found


A 250 pound bison skull has been found by a construction crew outside Snowmass Village. The skull is twice the size of a modern bison with the span of the horns more than 6 feet.

Other specimens have been found at the same dig site and include a Columbian mammoth, American mastodon and an Ice Age deer.

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Pompeii could collapse

Italy's culture minister said that more buildings inside Pompeii could collapse. This comes after a 2 000 year old house disintegrated.

So many buildings need restoration that damage is inevitable said Daniela Leone, a spokeswoman for Pompeii's archaeological superintendence.
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  1. Wow that second picture is actually rather disturbing!
    Its so weird, I hope they do something to preserve the buildings better

    1. Totally. I thought the things they buried up were dead people!

  2. Me too, but there are just too many, and I don't think they have the resources :(