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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ancient Plant "painting" discovered / Dinosaur head reconstructed

Ancient Plant "painting" discovered

A plant fossil that looks strangely like one of Vincent van Gogh's paintings has been found. Have a look at it HERE.

The plant is believed to be the ancestor of daisies and sunflowers and dates back to around 50 millions years. It was found in north-west Patagonia.


Dinosaur head reconstructed

English: Photographer: User:Ballista from Dinosaurland, Lyme Regis, England 

A old skull belonging to a Ichthyosaur has been pieced together by Mike Harrison, 47. It took him 2 years.  

You can view the Picture HERE. It looks creepily like a crocodile. 

The reason it took 2 years is that Mike found 21 shards of bone after a landslide and it took him 6 months to get all the pieces.
The find has been registered with the Charmouth Heritage Centre and will then be sent to a museum.
Palaeontologist Phil Davidson said: ''It's fairly common to find small isolated bones on the beach, but to find such an enormous skull is very rare.

''The time and effort Mike put into finding it, going back again and back again after the landslide is incredible.''
Ichthyosaurs could breath air like whales and had speed (estimated 40km per hour). They appeared around 245 million years ago and disappeared about 90 million years ago.


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