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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Archaeological Discovery in Afghanistan

"There is a temple, stupas, beautiful rooms, big and small statues, two with the length of seven and nine meters, colorful frescos ornamented with gold and some coins," said Mohammad Nader Rasouli, head of the Afghan Archaeological Department.

"Some of the relics date back to the fifth century (AD). We have come across signs that there are items maybe going back to the era before Christ or prehistory," he said.

"We need foreign assistance to preserve these and their expertise to help us with further excavations."

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  1. History is fascinating and it is very cool that you get to help "dig" it up! I look forward to more about your recent trip.

  2. It sure is fascinating!

    I plan on posting about my recent trip soon :)

  3. I wonder what kind of Buddha figures are there....Ghandara?