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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fossil track of Diatryma found!


This Flightless bird standing 7 feet tall walked the Earth 50 million years ago. It is called Diatryma.

After the landslide in Deming in 2009, this fossil was found. The 1,300-pound slab was flown by helicopter then driven to WWU. Where it will be open for viewing and studied.

The new track is necessarily being compared to a track found east of Auburn 18 years ago. That's when John Patterson of Maple Valley found a larger, three-toed track in a slab of siltstone that had fallen from a cliff in the Green River gorge.

Researchers disagreed then, and now, whether that track was left by a Diatryma, by another creature, or perhaps by someone playing a hoax.


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  1. I read the info on Patterson's find. looks as though he was beat up pretty bad by the same professionals who now say they are the first to find a Diatryma track!?